A writer's Havoc, reigning.

A writer's Havoc, reigning.

My personal tag line is, “Prefer not being so serious, but life happens.”

I've dreamed and tried to write a book since I was about twenty, my early attempts were thwarted by my horrible hand writing. Once I walked away from it I could never figure out what I had written. So when I got a chance I learned how to use a computer, and no longer had that old excuse.

Once I got a computer I spent the next twenty years starting and stopping my book, until my family gave up on the idea that I would ever succeed.

Two years ago I came across self publishing ebooks and realized that there was a way to do the work and get it out there, a way that I could control. Since then I've put most of my free time into writing and learning about independent publishing.

Going back to my old manuscripts I found a hundred thousand word, tome that was three separate stories hopelessly mixed together. So I abandoned all the old stuff and started Havoc Reigns. The hidden good news about the old stuff is that I've got three extensive outlines for other series. I've just got to summon up the courage to take them on again.

I've been a science fiction fan since the premier of Star Trek, way back when, and I've never even thought about writing in any other genre.

Science Fiction made up the majority of my reading as a youth, and in college, until I discovered J. R. R. Tolkien, and some good fantasy worked it’s way into my life. Now days I read mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy, with a good amount of Technical Thrillers or Mysteries. 

I live in Arlington Texas, with my wife and one of my daughters, the other lives across town with her husband, and my two granddaughters.

I'm a life long Texan, born in Fort Davis, but we lived in Alpine, I grew up in Mt. Pleasant, and moved to Arlington for college, and never left.