When havoc rains, Havoc Reigns



Willa Harmon can't seem to catch a break. Her ex-girlfriend is a freakin' psycho who just wants to pull Willa back into her web of needfulness. Willa doesn’t need the distraction, her life is complicated enough.

Using security work as a cover to keep her real job secret, Willa falls in on a gang of drug smugglers. Which leads to the Navy’s rescuing and resuscitating her. Her use of an illegal gun to signal for help, destroys a multi billion dollar launch system, putting her in the FBI’s crosshairs not to mention the assassins. Politicians want to use her but that would mean facing the gun charge and bring her into the open.

A handful of people know her real job is developing the next generation of technology that will take humanity to the stars. But every effort she makes draws unwanted attention. Keeping her secret may be as vital to humanity's future as it is to hers.

The Havoc Reigns Series is an epic space opera, sci fi, thriller, mashup that takes readers on an entertaining adventure sure to please readers of Terry Mixon's science fiction. Get your copy today.

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Orbits change, when Havoc Reigns


The Havoc was worldwide hysteria. Stranger fought stranger, neighbor fought neighbor, friend fought friend, and only the strongest families survived together. Infrastructure and industry prepared and survived, helping their employees. Governments fell, homes burned and people died.

Of the two billion survivors of the Havoc, one and a half million of the best and brightest now work in space developing the science and industry Earth, needs to create a better future. Willa Harmon started the new technical revolution twenty years earlier when she was eight, and she’s worked in secret ever since. Her father built the wealthiest company on Earth with her innovations, and she continues to create solutions.

Willa created enemies for herself and the United Earth. She’s survived several attempts on her life by an unknown enemy, and is scheduled to launch on Challenger for work on Newton Station. When the ship is sabotaged before it can launch, Captain, Baird Garner, must decide if Willa is a savior, or a saboteur.

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Battles rage, when Havoc Reigns.

The first hour of the Havoc, saw every government on Earth fall. Only the lucky and prepared, survived. Police, military, bureaucrats, and politicians died first. The protections of society failed, and riots raged on every continent, in every country, in every city and town. Intelligent preparation, and a willingness to kill, were the most common factors for those who survived, but luck and circumstance were also key.

The enemy struck at Earth, but who is the enemy? Baird Garner and Willa have a common cause, but their vengeance must wait. War is upon them, and they must survive before they can join the hunt.

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Planets die, when Havoc Reigns